Present on the market for over 35 years, TESIMAG® offers a wide range of products and engineered and advanced systems for different sectors of industry, with specific solutions for every single need. Application areas: Stone industry (extraction and sawing of marble, granite and stone); Ceramic industry; chemical industry; Mining industry; Paper industry; Iron and steel industry; Chemical industry; Food industry. The company is active in three different branches of activity, in which it designs and manufactures integrated instruments and plants in complete autonomy:


Complete plants for the clarification of waste water, both traditional and compact and high efficiency / Complete plants for the treatment of industrial sludge / De-oiling plants / Filtration systems / Vehicles washing systems / Stormwater treatment plants / Flocculantpreparation units / Filter screens / Polyelectrolytes.


Tesimag produces a wide range of special centrifugal pumps for application in the field of handling of abrasive and corrosive fluids, sludge, power generation, desalination plants. Vertical centrifugal pumps / Single and double-body horizontal centrifugal pumps / Submersible pumps / High-pressure centrifugal pumps, multi-cell multi-impeller / Medium-pressure water boosting units / High pressure water boosting and washing units /

All Tesimag pumps can also be supplied in line with ATEX regulations


Hydraulic micro-turbines M.A.S.  for the production of clean energy. A Tesimag patent based on in-line hydraulic micro-turbines that exploits watercourses and discharges, to supply clean energy to civil and industrial plants, public facilities management companies and private companies.


“Thinking ahead is the key to innovating”

This is the vision of Tesimag, an eclectic company, dedicated to innovation, known and appreciated in the world for its exuberant propensity towards avant-garde and technological evolution. An Italian brand, whose DNA has always been the geniuses of intuition and imagination, in perpetual and fruitful integration with each other, to plan the future and produce excellence. By virtue of this visionary concept, the company is deeply involved on research and development, to constantly improve the performance of its products and to study and implement new value solutions.


Tesimag offers a valuable, high-level pre-sales service, meeting its customers requirement: by supporting customers in the initial phase with analysis of costs, lay-out, consulting and supply, and in the after-sales phase with assembly and commissioning of the plant, technical training for operators, fast problems solution both thanks to ‘on-line web assistance. All system components and accessories are manufactured  by TESIMAG in its factory in Carrara-Italy. This guarantees customers goods availability and a fast parts and consumables supply service