High Pressure Pumps

TESIMAG_Pompe Alta Pressione_50SMV-14_001
TESIMAG_Pompe Alta Pressione_50MSV-20_001

Tesimag produces centrifugal pumps for application in the field of the handling of abrasive fluids, sludges, etc. and they are applied in the stone industry (marbles, granites and stones), ceramics industry, chemical, mining, paper, food, power generation, desalination plants, etc. TESIMAG pumps are the result of a long experience and specific studies. Thanks to continuous experimentation and research, together with the constant technological updating, TESIMAG has achieved excellent results in terms of quality and reliability. Tesimag is able to supply the pump suitable to your requirements, also according to ATEX regulations.

The pumps series 50 MSV are multistage centrifugal pumps with vertical axis. The pump shaft is coupled with the motor by a rigid joint and it is driven by high wear-proof rubber bushings. The body is composed by multiple elements and diffusers whose tightness is assured by O-rings fully seated in their housings. The pump is equipped with special mechanical seal, suitable for contact with abrasive liquids.
The Tesimag high pressure pumps have been designed for the following purposes:
– high pressure washing of gang-saws, slabs, blocks and vehicles
– fire plants
– general services