Horizontal Pumps

Horizontal Pumps

Tesimag produces centrifugal pumps for application in the field of the handling of abrasive fluids, sludges, etc. and they are applied in the stone industry (marbles, granites and stones), ceramics industry, chemical, mining, paper, food, power generation, desalination plants, etc.

TESIMAG pumps are the result of a long experience and specific studies. Thanks to continuous experimentation and research, together with the constant technological updating, TESIMAG has achieved excellent results in terms of quality and reliability.

Tesimag is able to supply the pump suitable to your requirements, also according to ATEX regulations.

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Tesimag horizontal pumps are centrifugal pumps with horizontal axis. The pump is mainly composed of an impeller and the pump bodies. The open-type impeller is hydraulically and dynamically balanced and the profile of the blades is particularly designed to provide high performance. The pump casing, made in quality cast iron, is internally covered with wearproof elastomer. A special construction joint, together with maximum operating safety, allow easy decoupling even after a long period of operation. The shaft is driven by rolling bearings, contained in a special support in quality cast iron. The pumps are equipped with autonomous refrigeration system of mechanical seals.

Tesimag horizontal pumps are used for the following services:
– feeding of the filterpresses
– general discharge services in marble, steel, chemical, industrial and paper factories
– marble, granite and stones sawing plants