Orion 1000

Orion 1000


Equipment: with filter-press or big bag

Orion 1000 compact is a highly efficient innovative package-type solution for wastewater clarification and for dehydration of industrial sludge originated from inert materials manufacturing or other processes. This system is composed of a high quality electro-welded steel weight-bearing structure and protected by a galvanized coating treatment.

Tesimag developed an exclusive sludge filtering system that ensures a better efficiency in wastewater clarification. It’s compact form factor and the lack of bulging devices, together with the reduced volume, makes the relocation of the system straightforward. It’s reduced weight and it’s unique shape allow for repositioning of the already assembled and ready to use system with the aid of a forklift or a crane inside the working area.

This system, unlike traditional systems equipped with silo decanter, doesn’t require any kind of foundation because it’s self-supporting.

Orion 1000 Compact is the perfect solution for every company who doesn’t have a lot of room, or where due to extreme environmental conditions (too hot/too cold weather) it’s required to install the system outdoors. It’s also ideal for construction sites and quarries, where the system could be easily moved in different areas.

This innovative system, totally automonous, is equipped with all the parts needed for its operation, from the wastewater collection pump to the clear water boosting unit. The dehydration of the residual sludge, the system can be equipped with a filter bag or filter-press system.
Orion 1000 Compact is a “Plug & Play” solution since all the required parts are already installed onboard and tested before shipping.

Orion 1000 Compact works in a closed-loop:
Wastewater is conveyed into the collecting tank from which they are sent to a silo with the help of a pump. The sludge, thanks to the lamellar pack system, settles at the bottom and gets extracted by a horizontal pump and then sent to filter-press / filter bag.

Water coming out of dehydration process is then sent again to the wastewater collection tank in order to restart the sedimentation cycle. The clarified water flows to the top of the silo and then into the clear water collecting tank where it is pumped back to the machines.


Water treatment capacity: up to 212 gal/min.
Total installed power: 18,5 kW
Overall dimensions (LxHxP): 10.6 x 13.4 x 6.95 ft.
Total weight: 6650 lbs.


N°1 – Wastewater centrifugal pump
N°1 – Flocculant
N°1 – Filter-press unit
N°1 – Sludge homogenization tank
N°1 – Flocculant preparation group
N°1 – Clear water boosting unit
N°1 – Clear water tank


– UL/CSA Certification
– Basket filter for clearwater extraction