Vehicles/Truck Wheels Washing Plants


Tesimag®, moved by a deep respect of environmental protection, has designed and implemented an innovative vehicles-wheels washing system. This plant was created with the aim of thoroughly washing the sludge and mineral sludge sediments from vehicles driving out from quarries and industries, in order to avoid dirtying the external roads, especially near populated areas, and to obtain considerable benefits from an environmental point of view. The plant is composed of a high pressure washing station and a wastewater clarifying section. The system is built according to the customer specific needs and it works automatically.

As foreseen by the road safety code, the vehicles coming from construction sites, quarries, dumps etc … can not get into public roads before removing dust and mud from the tires. Hence the need to create an automatic system of simple management and maintenance, naturally keeping in mind their environmental impact.

At the entrance of the truck on the washing platform a group of photocells detecting their presence, puts into operation the washing nozzles, which guarantee an effective cleaning thanks to their flow rate and pressure. The water resulting from the washing is treated by a clarification plant and reused, while the dehydrated sludge will be collected in bags or as “cakes” inside suitable containers.

The Tesimag systems protect the environment because they work in a closed cycle and the sludge is treated in such a way as to be simply and easily disposed of.

The vehicles washing systems can be designed taking into account the individual needs of each company:

– Washing of the wheels or even the truck body (recognition through magnetic probes)
– With or without drying
– With or without oil separator
– With clarifier or with settling tanks
– With filter bag or with filter press of various capacities